Numerex: Simplifying and Accelerating M2M Adoption

Although the world is yet to witness a “Transformers” inspired artificial intelligence, M2M holds a vast potential of opportunities for the future. On that thought, Stratton Nicolaides, CEO of Numerex says that, “we are already working on making things that once seemed fictitious and far-fetched in M2M technology into reality.” Providing interactive and on-demand M2M technology, Numerex's services are used in the development and support of M2M solutions for the enterprise and government markets. In an age where digital technology is revolutionizing every bit of an organizational ecosystem, M2M communication can be complex as well as convenient at the same time. To enable intelligent M2M solutions for rapid development and deployment, Numerex provides a cloud-based, horizontal Service Delivery Platform—NumerexFAST.

Numerex FAST combines rich M2M service enablement features with configurable application frameworks to quickly deploy solutions and eliminate costly development. The platform supports three service delivery options— Network as a Service (NaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) which can be accessed in combination or independently. Not only ensuring intelligent connectivity, Numerex NaaS is a key component of the IaaS model. "Through NaaS, we offer and integrate a variety of cellular, satellite, wired and short range wireless options together with critical add-on functionalities such as automated activation and provisioning, policy and threshold management," informs Nicolaides. For M2M developers who want to avoid upfront capital expenditures, and minimize risk, Numerex PaaS provides an environment through which they can easily and rapidly develop, and test their applications. A primary feature of the Numerex PaaS is its ability to access a wide range of Numerex-hosted web services, such as device management, geocoding, data mining, and BI. Numerex SaaS is an increasingly popular tool that gives customers access to specific Numerex-developed M2M applications with various hosting possibilities.

Numerex also incorporates key elements of Device, Network, and Application (DNA) into their platforms to accelerate the adoption of M2M.
For customers seeking for a quick execution through a single point of contact for their M2M technologies, Numerex supports a wide range of Devices, from sensors and modems to customized devices. “Our proprietary ISO-certified global Network offers cellular and satellite connections, seamlessly handling all aspects of connectivity,” explains Nicolaides. In addition, the Numerex Application development platform houses all devices and networks, and is backed by extensive device management, hosting and application monitoring tools.

Our proprietary ISO certified global Network offers cellular and satellite connections, seamlessly handling all aspects of connectivity

In one instance, for a renowned pallet rental service company, the client wanted to better analyze their supply chain patterns and also keep track of their shipping pallets at any given point in time. The solution had to be self-contained, with an ability to communicate its location and status wirelessly, coupled with a long surviving battery life. In solution, Numerex delivered a GPS device with worldwide connectivity. Numerex delivered a secure global network which helped the customer to better manage their assets, and improve end-user tracking and reporting capabilities.

Relaying key importance on their customers, Numerex’s expertise has influenced several of their clientele to sign up for long-term, multi-year, managed services contracts for the years ahead. With a vision in hand to execute large scale industrial IoT contracts in the latter half of this year, Numerex vests promising expectations on their long-term customer relationships. "The demand for our services has never been stronger as evidenced by a robust opportunity funnel and customer order flow,” ends Nicolaides.


Atlanta, GA

Stratton Nicolaides, CEO

Provides interactive and on-demand M2M products and technology enabling the IoT.