GEOTAB: Acing GPS Fleet Management and Vehicle Telematics

Neil Cawse, CEO
Technology is helping to curb the number of accidents occurring worldwide as more cars and trucks are being equipped with cameras, radar, automatic braking and other safety features. Geotab is contributing to this revolutionary breakthrough, helping save lives through their solutions that help businesses of all sizes better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and ‘past trips’ data. “Technology has changed the quality of life for people around the world and Geotab is another example of the ways in which technology can make the world a better place,” says Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab.

The company is committed to achieving engineering excellence and is supplying fleets with various telematics services. Geotab discovered that fleet managers and business owners lacked the essential tools they needed to monitor and improve on-road driver behavior/safety, while improving fleet efficiency and cutting costs. They sought out to fill that enterprise technology void and went on to become the most advanced and recognized provider of GPS fleet management technology. According to Cawse, at present, telematics firms ponder over the security of the richest set of data being extracted from the vehicles. In line with this, Geotab has put a lot of investment into benchmarking and collecting data. The engineers have designed systems to read key proprietary information from the OBD/CANBUS for the vast majority of vehicle makes and models over the past ten years. This makes for unprecedented and seamless plug-and-play installation of Geotab’s OBDII devices into any fleet.

“Geotab’s patented algorithms for data collection and compression, results in high value analytical data with the lowest possible cellular cost overhead for customers,” adds Cawse. The Geotab GO7 is a small form-factor device that simply plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBDII port, allowing a business to track productivity, optimize their fleet, enhance driver safety, and achieve optimal compliance standards and road safety.
Meanwhile, the Geotab Marketplace is an extensive ecosystem of applications that provide valuable add-ons for the Geotab customers. The Geotab Marketplace is home to over 100 applications/add-ons, providing additional value to our end-to-end solution. Examples of these third party add-ons include applications such as vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that provide real-time warnings for collision prevention and mitigation, payroll, CRM, and driver training safety solutions.

One example in particular that showcases Geotab’s effective solution is the success story of Red Hawk Fire & Security. Red Hawk provides comprehensive sets of advanced safety and security technologies, and more than 50,000 companies and institutions across North America rely on the resources and knowledge delivered by them. Red Hawk reduced accidents by 80 percent in the Northeast Region of the U.S. while using Geotab’s end-to-end fleet management solution, which includes Geotab hardware and MyGeotab software.This was done in two ways: by monitoring risky driver behavior and by taking corrective action on an as-needed basis. The company was also able to improve seatbelt usage, within just one week of strong, persistent action.

Geotab’s patented algorithms for data collection and compression, results in high value analytical data

Geotab is planning to launch its new Marketplace and developer program, which will expand the use cases and additional applications, giving Geotab customers access to the innovations in telematics. Geotab will continue to provide one of the world’s most advanced end-to-end telematics solutions. “Our growing Marketplace ecosystem will extend the business value of telematics in safety, productivity, fleet management, regulatory compliance, and finance administration,” concludes Cawse.


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Neil Cawse, CEO

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